AirBnB Trips App

Early-stage design exploration for Airbnb expansion into trips and experiences.

(Image courtesy of Airbnb)
In 2015, Taylor worked with Airbnb’s internal team to help visualize new ways to explore Magical Trips, a new product mission in Airbnb's San Francisco HQ. I consulted with their existing team to explore different ways to present the user experience, information architecture, visual design, and identity language. Airbnb’s team would go on to continue developing the go-to-market version of the product, which launched in late 2016. Airbnb eventually folded in this product offering to their core app, offering experiences, trips, and places all in one place.

Launch growth:

1k+ cities

Bookings growth:

2500% YoY

Navigation drawer, accessible at any point

Structural system for event detail modules

Early wireframe exploration

Itinerary flow for the day-of

Press event (image owned by Airbnb)

Project tags:
Project credits:
Design Manager: Steve Selzer
Experience Research: Hannah Pileggi
Head of Design: Alex Schleifer
Photography: Airbnb

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