Primer App

Design, strategy, and creative direction for Google’s mobile-first education app.

The Learn10x team within Google New York approached Pemberton in early 2014 to explore various concepts related to the design and development of a new education product. Taylor and his team spent the next eighteen months collaborating and executing the core product design and brand identity. Primer is available for download on both the App Store and Google Play Store.

Localized in:

4 countries

Lesson plans:

100+ since launch

Primer for iOS and Android

Primer combines Google’s knowledge with insights and expertise from leaders in the business and marketing industries, as well as other experts. Then, Google “Primerizes” these insights to deliver them in the most accessible way possible. – Google

Tap, swipe, and browse to easily begin lessons

Lesson intro design system

animation sketches

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Project credits:
Marketing director: Bethany Poole
Executive producer: Sandra Nam
Content lead: Sophie Hirst
Content writer: Kim Mok
Tech lead: Kei Yasui
Design partner: Dylan Ousley
Design partner: Eric Mortensen
Art direction: Larry Mayorga
Animation: Brian Wooden

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