Interior Define v2

Reinventing ID's core brand, digital product, print collateral, and retail experience.

Interior Define is a digitally-native furniture brand, offering customers the ability to customize their dream piece of furniture—choose your style, fabric, legs, and configuration. Pemberton and ID collaborated over the course of 24 months to reinvent the company's creative and design direction across brand, digital product, print collateral, content, and retail verticals. At the tail end of the engagement, Taylor served as the interim Executive Creative Director, overseeing all design-driven projects.

NPS score

73% up

Conversion rate

1.8 to 3.5%

Instagram followers

45k to 150k

Retail expansion

3 to 6 stores

One-off excerpts

On set art direction by Christopher Branson

3D rendering showing different cushion types

Chicago flagship store signage

Art direction: Christopher Branson. Design: Julie Jun

Building a new content library

One of the first orders of business was to create new guidelines for Interior Define’s brand photography. This included: hiring and recruiting a production team, scouting locations, casting, art direction on set, and holistic creative direction during the rebrand project.

Core web components

Director of Product Design: Alistair Porter. Product Designer: Kate Doornbos

ID in the real world

Although Interior Define is a digitally-native direct-to-consumer company, conversion in-store is equally important (if not more) as shopping online. Our goal was to bring a high level of tangible design to the in-person customer points while also empowering the sales and trade side of the business.

San Francisco guideshop schematic

Other social/digital excerpts

Instagram grid and post style

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Project credits:
Founder/CEO: Rob Royer
Design partner: Eileen Tjan
Brand partner: OTHER Studio
Senior Art Director: Christopher Branson
Photo: Carolina Rodriguez
Creative Producer: Emily Donelan
Director of Product: Alistair Porter
Director of Content: Amanda Nyren
Design support: Julie Jun

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