Wantful was an online gift-giving service that offers recommendations based on a recipient's style and interests.

In early 2011, Taylor Pemberton began work as Wantful's first designer and member of the founding team. While at Wantful, Taylor helped design and oversee the foundation for various brand and product initiatives, including several key consumer-facing touchpoints: Wantful’s core brand identity, physical product/packaging, print collateral, 100 page magazine, content library, website, and digital product experience. Taylor also served as head of the New York City office and eventually led the NY and SF design teams as creative director. Many thanks to the entire team and those involved in bringing Wantful to the world. <3 RIP.

Wantful gift book

Wantful’s core offline touchpoint was the custom printed gift book, including a personalized letter written by the gift giver, and a range of 12 gifts that all fall within the recipient’s price point and interest. We put special care into the craft and experience of this booklet since this served as the prime redemption experience.

Wantful for iPad

After several months of serving customers solely through the gift book experience, Wantful introduced an iPad app for it’s premier customers. This experience was designed to deliver a better editorial shopping experience for our brand partners and customers.

Lead product designer: Daniel Smith. Lead engineer: Hunter Bridges. Designer: Jay Schaul.

Web/digital excerpts

Wantful Magazine

Near the end of Wantful’s life, we introduced a personalized magazine for what we deemed ‘VIP customers’ at the time. Leveraging our print-on-demand technology, we programmatically put together a magazine based on the customer’s name, order history, and preferences, in addition. Lastly, this magazine served special deals to our VIP cohort, while also allowing customers to order products directly through Wantful’s curated merchandising assortment.

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Project credits:
Founder/CEO: John Poisson
Head of Operations: Tawny Holguin
Lead Engineer: Hunter Bridges
Engineer: Mike Kavouras
Head of Engineering: Jeff Rafter
Designer: Jay Schaul
Product Designer: Daniel Smith
Package Designer: Marc Alcock
Producer: Ramy Park
Photo: Collin Hughes
Photo: Nicole Franzen
Photo: Kathryna Hancock
Photo: Blaine Spesak

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