Cavalier Essentials

Company creation, design, and creative direction for Cavalier's inaugural collection

Cavalier was started in 2010 as the product and brand identity took shape as a rugged yet sophisticated collection of products. In February 2011, the Cavalier brand was launched to high enthusiasm, and we set about bringing the full product line to market, available until 2013 as the Cavalier Inaugural Collection: a set of hand-crafted original products and carefully considered vintage goods.

Total products:

43 SKUs

Customer geo:

15 countries

Company growth:

276% YoY


Made in USA

Designer: Kevin Harris

Capsule lookbook

Cavalier’s inaugural collection was shot on location in Savannah, Georgia. Our aim for this production was to strike a balance between vintage and modern styling and locations.


Since Cavalier was exclusively direct-to-consumer, establishing a clean and simple online shopping experience was crucial. Cavalier was built on Shopify and Stripe and maintained a simple assortment of key pages and SKUs, making it easy to manage over time.

Physical product

Throughout the life cycle of the company, the majority of Cavalier’s products were proudly produced on a made-to-order basis in the USA. We designed and developed original leather goods, apparel, perishables, as well as sourcing and curating a select group of vintage goods.

Random excerpts

Early test concepts

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Project credits:
Manufacturing: ABK
Design support: Kevin Harris
Design support: Jay Schaul
Photo: Collin Hughes
Photo: Blaine Spesak

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