Tumblr 'Publish'

Pemberton's shortest-lived design ever implemented—changing Tumblr's primary call-to-action, a button used 10 million times per day. (This front-end change to Tumblr's core product only lasted a few weeks in 2013)

At the time of this project, Tumblr's primary call to action was the 'create post' button—a button used to generate 74.1 billion posts (or 10 million posts per day). This simple button is the final step for a creator to publish their work to the world. Taylor was brought in to help audit the core website/brand to find inconsistencies across various touchpoints. Taylor interviewed various stakeholders including Founder/CEO David Karp. Unfortunately, the project was cut short due to resources, but for a short and nostalgic time, this button lived on to give creators a unified CTA across all devices.

Call-to-action breakdown

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Creative director: Peter Vidani
Founder/CEO: David Karp

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